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Anjungan Riau

Riau Province in this TMII Pavilion featuring four traditional buildings, the Selasar Jatuh Tunggal hall, Malay pyramid-roof house, Malay awning-roof house roof and Malay Iontik-roof house. All the ornate traditional buildings, especially the carving. The more carvings on the house the higher the social status of its owner.

Traditional houses in this Riau pavilion becomes exhibition venues and art objects of traditional culture. Lontik house used as offices and a library, a single down the hall to hall exhibits traditional costumes, including wedding dress. Under the pyramid roof house also exhibited Jalur or a very long boat, relates to the Pacu Jalur game at certain ceremonies, while in front there is a 'big book' contains the lyric poet's masterpiece Twelve couplets Melayu, Raja Ali Haji. Performing arts like dance Zapin, ranggam Malay, Malay and Gozal and orchestra sang the songs sassy yellow flowers cape, and soleram displayed on public holidays, also once held a ceremony fuel barge.


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