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Taman Kupu Kupu

This park was built in 1998 by Dr.Soedjarwo through foundations sarana wana jaya. There are about 20 species of flowering plants that are often visited by butterflies present in this butterfly park. Here visitors can see directly the charm of butterflies from various kinds of flying here and there and also suck honey from every flower. In addition, there are also cages to breeding butterflies. To add to the attraction of visitors, in 2004 the park is adding another facility in the form of a collection of animals other than insects. collection of animals that are kept here, although not directly related to the world of butterflies, but still provide the main attraction. In the cages are now a few animals, including Sumatran squirrel, bali squirrel, kite oppusum, blue tongue lizards, deer, crabs walnuts, and tarsiers. Butterfly museum also provides entomology training services (ETS), plus the services of the practice guidance breeding butterflies and grasshoppers.

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